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After three years of activity as a Thematic Committee of the Brazilian Association of General Aviation (ABAG), the Brazilian Association of Aeromedical Operators (ABOA) was finally founded and presented during LABACE in 2018.

Its main objective is to foster the development of the aeromedical sector in Brazil, improving practical and operational conditions, so as to expedite pre-hospital care, inter-hospital transportation and transportation of human organs and tissues, reducing deaths and sequelae, a real need for a country with the dimensions and needs of Brazil.

ABOA intends to be the non-profit organization that will guide the modernization of regulatory aviation and health milestones and serve as a certifying body for the complex processes involving the aero-medical sector, enabling integration between the public and private sectors.


Work in the interest of public and private organizations, acting as a facilitator, focusing on modernization of legislation, implementation of best aeromedical practices and certification of the best international standards of excellence for the sector.


Promote the modernization of regulatory frameworks for the aeromedical sector and foster knowledge, always seeking the best practices and the exchange of information among its associates and supporters, conducting courses, seminars and congresses.


Modernization, integration, security, education, standardization, infrastructure, awareness and training.


November 2015

Creation of the Aeromedical Transportation Commission of ABAG in São Paulo.

August 2016

1st Aeromedical Seminar of LABACE; Marcus Vinicius, of the ANAC, says that Air Taxi certified for aeromedical can do primary missions.
Coronel Carlos Eduardo Falconi, PMESP Aviation Cmt, states that the public service is not able to cover the entire State with dedicated aeromedical.

October 2016

Seminar of Aerospace Medicine, USP / Hospital das Clínicas; Lecture by Colonel Ricardo Gambaroni, Commander General of the PMESP, confirming the position of Colonel Falconi.

May 2017

SAFRAN Customer Council in Fortaleza, Ceará; Joint lecture by Coroneis Ricardo Gambaroni, Commander General of PMESP and Carlos Eduardo Falconi, Commander of Aviation of PMESP, talking about the repressed demand and situation of aeromedical rescue in the State of São Paulo.

June 2017

Airbus HEMS Symposium; Coronel Carlos Eduardo Falconi gives a lecture "Public Private X Rescue"

August 2017

2nd LABACE Aeromedical Seminar; Colonel Carlos Eduardo Falconi gives a lecture "Public Private X Rescue".

November 2017

Airbus Foundation Catastrophic Course with FAM doctors (French College of Disaster Medicine); Lecture by Colonel Carlos Eduardo Falconi on the "Challenges of Aeromedical Service in Brazil".
First time the discussion of the need to create an association of aeromedical operators is open.

April 2018

International Congress of the United Nations Latin American Institute for the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders - ILANUD;
Award granted by the UN Human Security Council to the Project "Private Aeromedical Service in the State of São Paulo", to Coroners Ricardo Gambaroni and Carlos Eduardo Falconi

August 2018

3rd LABACE Aeromedical Seminar; Official announcement of ABOA's creation

April 2019

ASAS Journal Forum "A New Model for Aeromedical Transportation in Brazil"; Lecture by Mr. Frédéric Bruder, President of ADAC, on the best aeromedical model in the world.
Remarks by the Executive Secretary of Public Security for the PMESP on the awareness of the Government of the State of São Paulo on the importance of fomenting the aeromedical sector.

May 2019

1st HeliXP Seminar; Lecture by Colonel Ricardo Gambaroni on "Evaluation of the Aeromedical Sector in Brazil - São Paulo Case Study".


Carlos Eduardo Falconi

Mauro Henrique Ayres


Fabiana Camargo Da Cruz


Ten. Michelle
Taverna Bordin 

Ten. Cel. Milton Gotardo

Dr. Mauricio Goldbaum

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Work in the interest of public and private organizations, acting as facilitator, focusing on the adequacy of legislation and improvement of the mission of Air Medical.


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